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MITStem CEO Message

Welcome to the MITstem International School (also known as MITstem). I hope you find this website interesting and informative. It is designed to give you all the short courses overview of what we at MIT Academy have to offer and what we stand for.

Our overarching aim is for all our trainees to be trained, up-skill, resourceful and successful.

Developing as individuals into competent. Responsible employees who are able to make an effective contribution to the employer and the Malaysian economy in the 21st century. Each trainee is encouraged to perform his the best in the pursuit of excellence. High-quality workshop training, taking place in well-equipped laboratories. Conducive environment

Providing the foundation from which our trainees develop.

If you believe in hard work, in the pursuit of the highest possible competencies. Personal and work ethic standards, in the development of fully competent individuals with enquiring minds and diligent attitude. Underpinned by a whole academy ethos of care. Respect and support for others. Then join us at The Malaysian Institute of Technology Academy.

If you would like to see the academy in action, please contact us — we will be delighted to offer you a warm welcome. Anthony Ng Mun Sun


"An exceptionally high regard for trainees' personal development and competencies. Coupled with strong work ethics, are at the very core of the academy's work and success. A special atmosphere of learning pervades the academy as a result."